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"Because my goal isn't to be right."

- So, recently, we’ve been trying to go to places where we normally wouldn’t talk to the people there…

- I love that! I also often intentionally take myself to places where I think people might have different opinions from mine and just talk to them.

- Really? See, we’ve only started doing that now. It didn’t feel easy for us to do so, but it’s good. We like it.

- Yeah! I guess, for me, I’m fascinated by the differences rather than afraid of them. Because my goal isn't to be right. I know that I’ll either learn something new or I'll strengthen my belief; not to mention I can share with someone else my personal experience and vice versa, so we can mutually expand our worldviews. You know, sometimes I wonder if that’s what we all need to do more: to share where we’re coming from with each other and really listen to what the other person is trying to say.


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