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Vote (it's your power)

I still remember vividly four years ago, I was having lunch at a Thai restaurant in New York when a man walked by and suddenly screamed at everyone who was sitting inside the restaurant including myself, he said: "Go back to your country! President Trump is going to send you all back to your country!"

Imagine someone saying the same thing to you when you visit another country. How does it make you feel? How does it change your experience while being in that country?

That's how I was feeling and how other people in the Thai restaurant were feeling, too.

I was studying for my MBA at the time. Believe it or not, I've always been a legal resident here; and unlike your current President, I've never missed paying my taxes. I loved America, and the reason why I'm still here after 2016 is that I still love and believe in America — that America is indeed far better than this, and such incidents are only a misrepresentation of the most aspirational country in the world.

That's all I want to say in my blog post this week. Four years of misrepresentation is enough for a test run; none of us wants another four years of hate and being mistreated, not even our climate! No matter how busy you are, please prioritize voting before your deadline comes, and remember: Voting is your power to restore the highly regarded image of America.


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