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How to holiday when you’re alone

6:30 AM.

Your alarm goes off. You hit the snooze button like always and turn to the other side of the bed trying to get back to snuggling with your pillows. Your alarm goes off again for the fifth time… "Sh** it’s already 8! Alright, gotta get out of bed,” you talk to yourself, slowly opening your eyes to look out the windows.

It’s snowing.

Your neighbor plays ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey so loud that you’re reminded Christmas Eve is coming tonight even when you don’t wish to acknowledge it. You totally forget that you don't have work today. “Ugh, can we please skip to January?” You hate holidays. Actually… no, you just hate holidays when you’re all by yourself. That’s a little selfish, isn’t it?

You buy yourself a Christmas gift, but if you could trade all the gifts to be with your family right now, you would without any hesitation. This year, especially. People say it’s the merriest time of the year, “but how is it the merriest time if I’m all alone and no one will kiss me at midnight on New Year’s Eve?” you argue. That’s right, your mind jumps straight from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve just like that.

You never know how to ‘holiday’ unless you’re with your family or someone special. Seeing other people being with their loved ones makes you feel happy for them, yet you can’t help but realize that you are not. You’ve cried your heart out these days — honestly, releasing your feelings is probably the best gift you’ve ever given to yourself.

“But don’t cry too much, swollen eyes are not so cute.” Of course, your mind always wins. It’s got a point.

You roll up your sleeves and start working on your long list of projects that you’ve always wanted to do but never have the time. Now, you have all the time in the world. You would be the richest person if time was a currency. “Well, it’s even more valuable than money, because you can accumulate money but you can’t accumulate time.” See? Your mind wins again. It’s got another point.

So you invest this precious, abundant time you have into your passion projects and your home improvements, call your family to tell them how much you love them, reconnect with your old friends, read the book that you bought months ago, watch that TV series you’ve always wanted to finish but barely got through the first two episodes… “Wow, thank goodness for this time! Can I have more?” You don’t want to waste any minute of it.

You notice you’re not the only one who doesn’t have a complete or a 'normal' holiday. It’s not necessarily the merriest time of the year for many people — many, indeed, are struggling to get through to the new year. You’re reminded to be thankful for what you have and those who care about you, but you also want to share your blessings with others. “Lend a hand whenever you can,” your mind speaks again; this time, it softens the voice, “you will see how merry this time is, my dear.”

Cry if you want to. Spend time doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Help others have a merrier holiday.

Your mind is right once again. It is a merry time — not because it’s the holiday season, but because you free your soul, allow yourself to do what you love, and light up someone else’s holiday season. You might not be with your family or someone special, but hey, you are with yourself — YOU are special.

And that’s how to holiday when you’re alone.

P.S.: Have a lovely holiday, and don’t forget to be kind and considerate of other people who are less fortunate than you. Buy from small businesses, order food from your favorite local restaurants, and be patient with shipping and delivery time. Take care of yourself, and when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, give yourself the biggest hug.

You are loved.



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