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"I want to be famous, too."

- I need 1000 YouTube subscribers on my channel to start monetizing. I have 275 followers on Instagram right now…

- What’s your YouTube channel about?

- I interview people who came to America as immigrants or refugees. It’s a podcast in Spanish.

- That’s so cool. What made you want to start your podcast in the first place?

- I like talking to people and learning about their history. I want to be famous too.

- Ha! Why do you want to be famous?

- Oh… haha. I want to save people. Did you see that video? I ran across the street to save a woman who suffered a heart attack, and it went viral. A guy from the Dominican Republic nearby recorded it and sent it to me.

- That’s very brave and kind of you. You don’t need to be famous to save people, though :)

- I know, haha.

- I’m not in your target audience because I don’t speak Spanish, but keep doing the podcast! If it’s helpful, the support and money will come. That mindset will motivate you to produce even better content, and I'm sure there's an audience out there waiting for it.

- Wow, I never thought of it that way. Thank you for the encouragement!


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