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Thank you for being part of the journey and making it so wholesome ❤️

Do you know why I’ve been feeling emotional this week?

It was our initial plan that my team would be posting this today, but they suggested I write the caption for our anniversary content instead because I witnessed it all. And I'll admit, it stirred up some deep emotions in me…

When I started Bloom in Crisis four years ago, it wasn’t even called ‘Bloom in Crisis’ at that time. In fact, it was just a spur-of-the-moment decision right at the beginning of the pandemic when I was isolated all by myself. There was no business plan—or, to be exact—there was no business and there was no plan. It was simply an outlet: a place that allowed me to shine a spotlight directly on my wounds, try to heal them, and share what I’d learned through that process with others.

I felt lonely, full of self-doubt, and constantly misunderstood.

The mainstream content, advice, and guidance didn't resonate with me.

So I started paving my own way to fill the void inside of me and express myself by doing what I felt had been lacking for me in my form of art.

To me, the content that gets one 'like' and the content that gets thousands of 'likes' aren't really that different in value—they each hold their unique significance. Never did I expect that others would resonate with my sharing nor have to engage with it… because I felt like I couldn’t relate to anyone, my measurement of success was simply whether I stayed true to myself in everything I did and loved myself when I did it.

For the first time ever, I became my own best friend 🙆🏻‍♀️

…Fast forward to four years later, I still can't believe that 1) I’m still doing it 😂, and 2) I continue crossing paths with people who volunteer to help and be a part of Bloom in Crisis 🥺

It’s brought transformation to me at my very core.

It’s brought together a community that I never imagined possible. 

Thank you for being part of the journey and making it so wholesome ❤️


P.S.: A huge shoutout to Huong for putting together this really sweet video despite her busy week and to Jenny for her contribution even during her Spring break (!)


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