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The soul.

And then you’re awakened to this kind of love, woven in a journey so potent and so profound that it touches every cell of your existence. The kind of love that is so deep yet so pure. So intense yet so gentle. So subtle yet so crystal clear. So terrifying yet so reassuring. So triggering yet so healing. Emotionally challenging yet soulfully liberating. Utterly unexpected yet intrinsically meant to be. 

It’s not lust or infatuation but one that transcends time and space, traveling far beyond the physical and material realms while expanding your consciousness at a velocity you didn't know would be possible. One that shakes you to your core and stirs your emotions like you’ve never experienced before. One that might be so nerve-racking but incredibly empowering. One that might try to hide but never lies. One that might be vulnerable but never fragile. One that inspires you to dive deep into every corner of your soul and see for yourself that there are no limits—only new horizons.

Your soul grows older and your heart grows younger. It’s a journey that makes you question everything you thought you knew, urging you to outgrow the version of yourself that yearns to fit in. A journey that teaches you to have unyielding faith in yourself even without external validation. A journey that enlightens you from within, forcing you to question who you are and become who you are meant to be. A journey that guides you to reunite with your soul by showering yourself with love, returning to your truest self, and unapologetically evolving into your best self. A journey that puts you in awe and pure bliss ✨


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