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Three mindsets to overcome anything in life

Have you ever questioned why everything in your life happened exactly when, where, how, and with whom it happened? I do, every day. And the more that I reflect on it, the more that I’m thankful for all the difficult times I’ve grown to become appreciative in my life. I know that the first two months of 2021 might not have lived up to our expectations, but we need to remind ourselves to shift our focus back to what is under our control that we can do to change ourselves for the better. And by changing ourselves to become better, our families, our communities, and our world will all become stronger.

So how can we change ourselves to become better?

1. Have an optimistic forward-looking vision. Look towards the future and trust that the universe is helping you no matter how hard things feel right now, and you will be rewarded once you pass the test that’s given to you. Our thoughts will become our reality, so cultivating an optimistic mindset is very important. An optimistic person is not someone who refuses to see the negative side of the story but is someone who bets on a happy ending for the story. Be that person. Bet on your happy ending no matter how your story is developed. You have to believe it. Be thankful for the obstacles along the way knowing that they are not the end of your journey, and embrace your personal growth to continue evolving.

2. Use your breath as your anchor. Since I started practicing yoga every morning, I’m constantly reminded that as long as I’m still breathing, I can overcome anything, for my breath is my anchor and my anchor is my breath, regardless of my circumstances. Hold on to your breath if you feel like the world around you is tumbling down and take baby steps each day to move forward. People can quit on you but you cannot quit on yourself.

3. Laugh it off. Life is already hard so don’t take everything too seriously all the time. You gotta laugh at yourself and do it out loud. I love my imperfections and the obstacles that get in my way for they tease my brain. There was a time when I lost my voice almost completely and felt so helpless about it, but I then came to terms with myself that healing needed time and called my brother to tell him in broken words “Damn it, now I sing just like you!” Laughing helps you balance out your emotions and realize that this too shall pass.

I know it’s been hard. I know you may have felt tremendous setbacks and pain and loneliness and heartbreaks, and trust me, I understand. As much as I wish for you never to have to go through it, I know the universe is helping you by letting you experience it. And I know you have the will and the strength to pass the tests, to truly see that there is no loss but only more wisdom and abundance in life.



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