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Dear you,

I hope you never take for granted how lucky you are to be born and experience a life in peace. To wake up every morning, stretch, breathe. Fresh air. Warm blanket. To do what you love and love what you have. To be surrounded by people who treat you kindly. To be educated. To live.

I hope you realize everything in life is only temporary, and so are your emotions, people, good times, and bad times. That should not discourage you from having faith but teach you how powerful it is to have faith. Practice gratitude every day. Learn to be patient. Trust your path. Look forward. Move forward.

I hope you know that, in life, you will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Not simply because it’s ok, but because that’s the nature of life. It’s a blessing to have checks and balances — conflict isn’t always bad, it’s good to have healthy conflicts because they force us to rethink and hold us accountable to do the right things.

But you have to be your own cup of tea.

Your purpose in life is not to become everyone’s favorite but to become your ultimate best.

I hope you remember this and find the courage to meet yourself. Dare to be disliked, if that means being yourself, standing up for the underdog, doing the right thing, or pursuing your dreams. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Have the nerve to try something new. Explore your deepest psyche and your hidden territory. Even if that means saying goodbye to your old self. Even if that means not living up to people’s unrealistic expectations of you. Because you need to give yourself the respect you deserve. Because that means you’ll open yourself up to the right people and welcome them into your life. Because your greatest strength isn’t “I’m just like everyone else”. Maybe you’ll be too much for someone, but you’ll never be too much for your true calling. At the end of the day, hold no regrets.

Listen to your voice. Let it guide you through your life. Allow your true gift to shine. Embody your philosophy and inspire others through your actions. Practice compassion, especially when it comes to dealing with conflict, to understand why there is one and what the root cause is. There’s a reason for everything. No one’s primary intention is to become a bad person or to hurt others, regardless of your opinion towards them. It can be as simple as having a bad day or holding a different perspective. It can also be as intense as fighting for what they believe in, taking revenge, being trapped in a high conflict because they’re afraid of losing all their past investments, or growing up with a trauma that makes trust seem impossible. Help people heal if you can, or at least, look for the good in others. Listen to them. Hold space for your anger to pass so you can have clarity of thought before you respond. Treat everyone with kindness and respect, not because you have to, but because that’s who you are.

Set your soul to be free. It’s good to feel liberated. It’s good to be in your element. It’s good to live true to yourself, and even better, become your best self.


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