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I have no interest in politics, I’m neither a Democrat nor a Republican, and I’m not even from this country. For a long time since I arrived in America, I’ve always wondered why pro-life versus pro-choice is a binary issue. Aren’t pro-life and pro-choice supposed to be intertwined? How can one have a good life without having freedom of choice regarding their own body? How can it be called “pro-life” if the lives of living people are neglected?

I remember how relieved I felt when I knew I had the option to get an abortion in case I wasn’t ready or if anything unwanted happened. I admire all the women who have the courage to share their personal stories despite the haunting pain they have to relive. Having to experience an abortion alone, while facing society’s stigma, is already painful for women. Having to succumb to pregnancy without their consent is utterly excruciating. I’ve never had an abortion and never wished I’d have to have one; but I hope if I ever need one, I’ll have that option.

Banning abortion isn’t just putting many women and especially young girls at risk, it will have a huge impact on men and the economy, too. Just imagine adding another psychological toll on top of everything else that a woman has already had to endure. How can one expect women to always keep it together and focus on driving the economy when their bodies are invaded by the law?

I know I’m lucky to live in a state where abortion is still legal, but am I supposed to feel this “survivor’s guilt”? Why can’t abortion be our right instead of our privilege?

And as we’re observing what’s called “Independence Day” in America today, how are women supposed to celebrate when their independence of owning their own bodies is taken away?


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