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The sensitive kids of Instagram

I’ve grown to really embrace this space that I have here to express myself freely. Not trying to impress anyone, but being creative, being myself, and continuing to just be. I don't need to look at engagement stats to know that my note-sharing posts usually receive the fewest reactions, but I do know that those who resonate with me will resonate with what I share.

My guess is that most people just scroll right through it, some might never see my posts showing up on their feed, some might think I’m just strange (which I think is totally fair haha), but I’ve noticed that I attract the right people into my life also because of this. It’s what matters most to me.

There’s this sense of liberation in doing something because of the thing itself being the end goal rather than being a means to another end goal, and perhaps my space here is simply that… I write for the souls ✨


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