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" simply opening yourself to receive, you give others the gift of loving you."

- I love that you can ride a bike haha. I have no desire to learn to drive a car or ride a bike again!

- Why not?

- It’s stressful! I actually have both licenses but I haven’t tried to do them in years. I don’t trust myself with this… like, I could have killed myself on the highway because my eyes would just become weary from the sunlight, or I might doze off because it’s too monotonous for me. It makes me feel anxious.

- Ha! Well... it’s a good skill set to have, though. So even if you don’t need to use it regularly, you can still use it when you need to.

- I know… but at the same time, I feel like there are certain skill sets that I intentionally don’t want to acquire in my life. If I knew how to do everything, I wouldn’t ask anyone for help because I’d just do it, you know? So if I actually don’t know how to do something, it’ll be easier for me to ask others for help because I have a real excuse!

- Oh, I see… You know, you can still ask others for help even when you know how to do it yourself. You don’t have to do it all. To love is to give, and by simply opening yourself to receive and allowing others to serve you, you give others the gift of loving you.


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