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Dear 2020 (an end-of-year note)

Dear 2020,

You had many labels this year: horrible, confusing, bizarre, ‘not recommended.’ Your ratings were all-time low in modern days across the globe. Right, you were... a lot, but more than anything, you were a one-of-a-kind teacher to me.

Thank you for teaching me how to love myself for who I am, for wakening the parts in me that had been long forgotten, and for showing me what I didn’t know about myself. “Use your power to help others in need,” you said, “but first, you need to know what your power is.”

Thank you for teaching me to be courageous, think more deeply, and love more passionately. “If you want to make positive impacts on the lives of people you care about and see changes in the world, get over yourself. Take some risks. And when you do them, do them wholeheartedly.”

Thank you for teaching me to be patient and persistent. There’s no luck without hard work, just like no lasting construction without a strong foundation. “Don’t try to be the best, be the one who doesn’t quit on yourself.”

Thank you for teaching me to find joy in falling (both literally and figuratively). Like... skiing — I mean, I’m pretty horrible at it if I have to admit, but you taught me “It’s the sliding part that’s fun, who cares about the bruises?”

Thank you for being so tough that the only way I could pass was by learning my own lessons — not by cheating or copying others. At the end of the day, we are still students of life no matter how much we think we have mastered it. “Hey! You know it’s not like you’re done-done, right? You haven’t even seen 2021’s curriculum yet,” you put on a suspicious smile before leaving, “but don’t worry, you’ll be fine”.

Even though I don’t think I’ll ever wish to take your class again, I know that what you taught me during your time will stay with me in the years ahead.

You were a hot mess, but you were the best teacher.

(someone will need to teach me how to make a pizza correctly in 2021)


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