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Four years of @bloomincrisis

Today marks four-year anniversary since my very first blog post on, now

Four years of being the CQO and how it all started from a joke I said to a friend—that I should have been promoted to Chief Quarterlife-crisis Officer by then when we all went into lockdown because of the pandemic 😂 Four years of entering uncharted waters and discovering myself in a way I never knew before or never dared to think that I could before. Four years of exploring the depth of my psyche and the range of my emotions. Four years of soul-searching and experimenting with who I am, embracing myself and all the imperfections that come with it. Four years of constantly reinventing myself, marching to the beat of my own drum, and taking one leap of faith after another. The journey of cultivating inner joy and long-lasting fulfillment turned out to be a lesson of radical self-love while realizing that healing myself and helping others go hand in hand. It’s been four years of learning how to bloom in crisis and becoming 'it.'

- You’re so different now.

- You think so? In what way?

- I don't know. I’m usually not very good with words so I'm not sure how to describe it. But you’re so different compared to when I first met you.

- In a good way, I hope? Haha

- Yeah. Properly it’s your aura.

This conversation with my friend today is probably the best thing my mid-20s self could hear. It’s the aura because it comes from within. It's much more than just a fleeting alteration; it's a profound, intrinsic transformation that I can feel in every cell of my body.

But you know what the best part is? We all can bloom in crisis, and there are practical ways to do so. There are always more to come if you want to learn how (subscribe to our mailing list and follow @bloomincrisis on Instagram for more 🌻)


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