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How to find joy in everyday mundane activities

Sooooo it's been 2021 for four days. The long weekend has officially come to an end. For many of us, that means putting aside what we spent time doing over the course of the holiday weekend — whether it was enjoying our time with family, taking care of our personal matters, or simply treating ourselves to a much-needed break — to return to our ordinary routines. No matter how spontaneous or even adventurous one is, the pandemic sure makes it much harder for us to ‘spice up’ our days while we’re hungry for something different.

This leads me to think: If there is only so much that we can do to change our mundane activities, why not have fun with them?

Two years ago, my favorite college professor reached out to check in and wrote me these six words that have stayed with me ever since: “Remember to have fun every day.” They are my daily reminder to not only have fun in my highs but also to actively tune in to anything that can cheer me up in my lows or the little joy bites even in my most mundane practice.

Having fun in our highs is easy; however, if you set your objective to seek joy when doing monotonous tasks, you’re likely going to feel dull or defeated rather than actually being able to enjoy them. So don’t look for joy; instead, figure out your purpose. There is a purpose in everything you do no matter how monotonous it is, but becoming more self-aware is the only way you can find out (I wrote about self-aware intelligence in my post last year on my blog here). When you have your purpose, it will become a bridge to connect you with what you do; and as you’re engaged, you will not only enjoy but also value what you do.

Life is too short to wish for time to pass, I hope you can make every minute of 2021 worth having <3


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