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How to talk to anyone?

- Why did you decide to come to Florida?

- You mean besides the sunshine and beautiful beaches?

- Yeah.

- I wanted to talk to people whose opinions I might not necessarily agree with but could open my mind to new perspectives.

- I wish more people thought that way! You do seem to be very level-headed.

- Why not? Either I’ll learn something new that I haven’t considered before, or it will validate what I’ve already known. Maybe it will bring some new perspective to other people, too.

- Yeah, I feel like I can talk to you about anything even if you don’t agree with me. You make me feel respected.

- That’s good to hear. It’s one of my fundamental principles and I have only very few.

- Ha, what are the other ones?

- Kindness. Respect and kindness. That’s enough to talk to anyone.

- How about honesty?

- Well, if you’re a kind person, you won’t tell lies to harm others, will you?

- That’s true.

- Isn’t it wonderful that we can have this open conversation?

- Absolutely. I’ve learned something new, too!


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