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"I always hope that we see each other for our true selves..."

- You know, I believe watching traumatic news can be harmful to children, too. When 9/11 happened, I was still in kindergarten. We were all in the classroom and the teacher turned on the TV because I guess they wanted to see what was going on, then they quickly turned it off. Perhaps they realized we kids were also in the room. And since then, there are times when I didn’t really feel very welcomed because of my name… you know, it’s like the name of the terrorist.

- Wow… I’m sorry, that’s really sad. I can only imagine how difficult and unfair it must have been for you, not to mention you were still just a child at that time. Our names simply don’t determine who we are. Doesn’t it also remind us of the current situation and how important it is that we separate people from their governments? I always hope that we see each other for our true selves instead of the identities that we generalize and impose on each other.

- I completely agree.


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