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"I feel like oftentimes we pay too much attention to what we want to say..."

- Do you know what’s magical that’s just happened with me today?

- What?

- I thought I lost my phone but you guys were able to find it for me. Not only that, because I forgot my phone here, I thought to myself “What if I also forgot my earrings here?” They’re my favorite earrings and I couldn’t recall where I might have left them… They’d been missing for almost a month and I was so upset because I honestly thought I already lost them. But because I was able to find my phone again here, I just asked if you guys happened to have my earrings in the lost and found as well, and they were kept here indeed! Look! I was able to find my earrings again only because I almost lost my phone. Isn’t it magical!?

- Woahhh… that is amazing! I’m so glad you found them! See, I got into an argument with my friend yesterday because I told him how manifestation worked for me, but he didn’t believe it.

- Hmm… Have you tried to explain what you mean by manifestation? I think that word can sometimes be misleading since it may be interpreted that someone will just get what they want by envisioning something repeatedly instead of having to work for it at all. I assume when you said manifestation, you meant that you had faith in it but also worked hard for it, instead of just waiting around for something to happen?

- Yeah, exactly! Ha!

- Mmm hmm. You know, I feel like oftentimes we pay too much attention to what we want to say and not enough attention to how someone else will perceive it or what they’re really saying, which can lead us to get trapped in high conflict. It’s like speaking two completely different languages to each other without a translator—like, the listener can't understand what the speaker is saying but then also responds in a language only they can understand. In my case, though, I can’t take the credit that I worked hard to find my earrings and my phone again. It’s just luck! It’s magical!

- Wow. Thank you so much for talking me through this. I'll definitely speak to my friend again tomorrow so we can understand each other better!


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