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"I just feel grateful, deeply grateful for everything."

- So, what are you thinking now that we’re done with the temazcal ceremony? Or nothing?

- No no, Master, you should listen to her. She’s very good.

- Mmm… You know what, I’m actually not thinking about anything at all, which is very odd for someone who has a racing mind and can wake up at 2, 3, 4, 5 a.m. quite often for no reason other than just to jot down her excessive thoughts like me… I also kind of feel privileged in some way that I don’t understand Spanish while we practice together because it’s all up to my own interpretation of what this is… I can just observe and feel with my senses. So, no... interestingly enough, I don’t have any thoughts at the moment. And perhaps that's a good thing. I just feel grateful, deeply grateful for everything.


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