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"I know very well what it's like to have no money… I never want us to experience that again."

- Do you like living in America?

- Yeah, I find that it's a good fit for me... Would you like to come one day?

- I do. I'm actually waiting for my paperwork to be done, hopefully I'll be able to come soon!

- That's great! Are you going to be there for school?

- Yes… but also, my dad's been living there while I live with my mom and my younger brother. We haven't got a chance to meet him again in 6 years…

- Oh wow, are your parents still considered being together?

- They are… well, kind of. My parents once experienced a significant business loss because they followed my uncle's path to get rich, but the dream didn't last very long before it burst due to their greed. They went bankrupt and were chased by debt collectors to the point where they had to hide to avoid being pursued. My parents had to make a difficult decision to split up so my dad could come to America and make money to send home, while my mom tried to rebuild their company and raise both me and my younger brother here.

- That must be so difficult. What does he do now? And do you think the crisis broke your parents apart or brought them closer? I hope your dad calls you guys often at least…

- He does. He checks in with us every day. He partnered with his friend in California to open a nail salon, and thankfully we've just paid off our debt in full, so our family is very delighted about that. You know, I think the crisis has brought my parents even closer than before… obviously, there are sacrifices but they’re determined to go through it together.

- Really good, and how interesting he also opened a nail salon! So are you going to help him with it when you come to America too?

- That’s my plan. I want to make a lot of money for my family because I know very well what it's like to be poor and have no money… I never want us to experience that again.


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