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"I’ve been finding it hard to connect with my children…"

- I’ve been enrolling in this healing class…

- Wow… I’m sure there must be a reason why. Do you want to share it with me?

- Yeah, so I’ve been finding it hard to connect with my children… I think I could be too critical and rational that it might come across as too strong for them, and it’s hard for them to open up with me.

- I see, but how did you make the decision to enroll in this healing class though?

- Because I want to learn how to be vulnerable… I hope if I can be more vulnerable, I can connect with my children better and they will feel that they can open up to me as well.

- Got it… I understand how hard it must be for you as I can tell how much you love them. I hope you know that I have very high respect and admiration for you in what you’re doing. You know, a lot of parents find it hard to connect with their children too but few would take action to learn how they can be better and be more vulnerable—instead, most people think that they’re right and something must be wrong with their kids when there’s a disconnect or when conflicts arise. I’m not your daughter but I wish your children could hear this from you like me.

- Thank you, I tried. Hopefully that will help. By the way, keep writing. I love reading your blog. I don’t know what exactly you’ve gone through but I can connect with a lot of what you share. I think my children will as well. Do you have any advice for me to build a deeper connection with my children?


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