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"Mine would be for my boys not having the pressure to please their parents."

- Do you listen to Jay Shetty? So there’s a question that he asks his guests in every episode which I love, is that he asks “If you could create one law in the world that everyone had to follow, what would it be?” and I think his is to have all the children not having to carry their parents’ traumas. I want to know what your answer is to that question for your future children. I can go first. Mine would be for our children to have the ability to regulate their emotions. It’s so important!

- Ohhh… I know of him even though I don’t really follow his content or self-help in general. I do love this question, though! And I can’t agree more with what you said, emotional regulation is so important. I also mentioned this in one of my videos on YouTube about overthinking so we're on the same wavelength haha. But before I share, I want to hear your husband’s answer to this first :)

- Yeah, I agree. That’s a great point, and I also like not having the children carrying their parents’ traumas. Hmm… Mine would be for my boys not having the pressure to please their parents.

- Ah, you’re so right! For some reason, boys do seem to have that pressure. I always tell my kids that “If you’re working on something, let’s say your garden for example, and your girlfriend or your wife likes it, then that’s enough. You don’t need to ask your mom for opinion or approval. I want your wife to be your number one priority!”

- Wow. I didn't realize that about boys, nor did I know it would be different for boys... but there seems to be a pattern. I wonder why! I had a lot of respect for what you both said, though, and especially since I know it could be hard for many as mothers. I really admire you.

- Ok my dear, now we need to hear your answer :)


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