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On Father's Day

On Father’s Day this year, I want to take a pause and deeply reflect on the profound impact my Dad has had on me.

Growing up, I've always known a man who's so determined and kind. I'm grateful to have been able to observe his lifestyle and work ethic from a young age, both of which have fundamentally transformed me and shaped who I am today. But I used to keep to myself the fact that my Dad once led one of the top publishers in Vietnam. I was always afraid of being overshadowed by his success, worrying that no matter how hard I tried, my achievements would be all chalked up to simple luck. This 'curse in a blessing' ignited my early independence and motivated me to prove myself once I arrived in America, not knowing a single soul. Oddly enough, despite no deliberate intention or studies in journalism, life comes full circle once again—I also ended up in the publishing industry even before officially finishing school (all thanks to LinkedIn job applications 🙏)

The last picture is of my Dad visiting the BBC office in London back when he was the Editor-in-chief at the Vietnam Football Newspaper (now Football Magazine). However, it wasn’t until now when I know for a fact that I landed myself a job at the BBC and had the opportunity to invite my parents (plus their friends!) to our BBC Studios New York office, that I could reassure myself it wasn’t just all luck. Instead of trying to hide my background, now I’ve grown to appreciate our relationship and the immense impact he has on me so much that I want to help share his wisdom with the world.

My new Bloom In Crisis YouTube video this week, a dedication to my one and only Dad, is also where I share with you guys three life-changing lessons from him that have transformed me like no others 💥

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! x


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