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Our innermost thoughts are our prayers

There are many events in my life that I can’t explain, but they always seem to share similar patterns… and somehow I get a stroke of luck that seems to come out of nowhere.

Today is one of those magical days.

As I was about to leave the subway station on my way to work this morning, I had to stop because of the pouring rain, completely unprepared for it. There were about six or seven of us waiting for the rain to stop when a man suddenly showed up, passing out umbrellas to each one of us while asking for nothing in return. The umbrellas were all different in appearance but they were functional. And no, they weren’t branded! (this question came up a lot haha) After giving us the umbrellas, he simply said “Just in case you need it” and then left. God bless the man. I always love this about New York ❤️

You know, I feel like the purity of our thoughts—our innermost thoughts—are our prayers ✨


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