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The key 'how-tos' that no one teaches us

"Life has a funny way of working itself out," doesn't it? The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of change for me, but perhaps after a very long time, I can finally feel genuinely happy. I don't have a perfect life. In fact, none of us does. We all live together in a world that forces us to face our vulnerability whether directly by failing us or indirectly by making us feel that the grass is always greener on the other side. We’re constantly pressured to work on improving our weaknesses but rarely encouraged to focus on maximizing our strengths. Our uniqueness which makes us the most attractive is often neglected because our brain is trained to learn how we should have been to achieve societal ideals instead of how we can use what we have to challenge outdated concepts and create deeply meaningful influence, not only on other people's lives but also on our lives.

We are our worst enemy, but we are taught all kinds of one-size-fits-all formulas to compete in the external world before we learn anything about ourselves to overcome our own ego and be the winner of our lives. When we google, the top 'How-To' results give us the answers to put a band-aid on our problems instead of teaching us how to really solve the root of our problems. The self-help industry teaches us how to be likable, how to be successful, how to look sexy, how to be the best.

The truth is, the key 'How-Tos' we need to learn to solve the root of our problems is none of the above but how to like ourselves, how to gain from our failures, how to feel sexy, how to be our best. When we like ourselves, be a student of our own life, feel sexy with our bare faces and naked bodies, and keep betting on our highest potential, that’s when we become magnetic. It's not being the best that makes us happy in the long run; sometimes, making peace with ourselves in difficult times and knowing that we will be better, is happiness.



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