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The will to rise

We all have ‘the will.’

Very few have the will to win, some have the will to last, many have the will to carry on, but most still haven’t awakened theirs yet.

While you may be thinking “which one is mine,” so am I.

And I realize that mine is none of those kinds, for mine is the will to rise.

I don’t want to just carry on. I don’t hope to just last. I don’t aim to just win.

There is no final round. There is no competition between me and anyone else but only me and myself. As my focus is not outward but inward, not on winning or losing but where I will be next compared to where I am now.

I may have a humble start. I may fall. I may hit rock bottom. But I may never settle. Because I have the will to rise.

I see gain in having a humble start. I see gain in falling. I see gain in hitting rock bottom. I see gain in everyday blessings, from the fresh air I breathe, the books I read, the conversations I have, the people I meet, the souls I touch, the emotions I feel. Everything surrounding me teaches me something. I will rise for I earn incremental gains in both adversity and peace.

Every attention I give and every action I take is a data point that shapes the trend of my life, so I continue doing more of what helps me rise.

But the most beautiful thing of it all—about the will to rise—is that when I rise, I will be able to help others rise.

And so we rise.


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