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Thirty-something day chronology of the sleepless mind

***Scroll until the end for free entertainment.

What have you guys been doing these days? Mine has been lots of checking in with myself, learning, and taking the back seat to kinda just watch what my brain is saying. I journal a lot and write down even the most trivial thing that sparks in my head, like "I'm thankful that I have the joy of eating!" I know, it's deep.

Journaling keeps me sane it makes me happy and forces me to think deeper. Oftentimes I have so many thoughts in my mind that I don't know where to store them (classic overthinker), so I write. I didn't count how many days it had been since social distancing until today, and it's already been nearly 40 days if you're in New York, guys!! What the hell? Where did the time go!?!?

Anyway, I want to share with you the chronology of my mind in this pandemic time so far. Not sure if you can relate, but if you can, you know you're not alone :)

Day 1 [First Day Working From Home]

Yesss one more hour of sleep! Yesssss PJ all day! Woohooo... does it mean I now have 25 hours/day since I don't have to commute to work anymore? How does the math work?

Day 2 [First Weekend of Social Distancing]

Let's do it!!! *mind mapping every subject and objective to be learned and accomplished during quarantine time like a true Type A with excessive dopamine*

[6:00 AM] *going out for a run, contemplating nature, sipping on coffee* Haaaaa.....Life is sooooooooo c.....h.....i......l......l........

[10:00 AM] *staring out the window for a good hour looking high like a pothead* Please don't tell me I have to worry about ONE MORE THING because the world is going crazy and my life is in chaos and I'm alone and I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THIS!

[11:55 PM] *hopelessly laughing* OK seriously I deserve to be promoted to Chief Quarter-Life Crisis Officer for my next career move, if there’s any such title.

Day 8 [First Time Work Out Again since Working from Home]

Holy sh*t why does my butt hurt so much?! Am I 60 years old now or what!?!? *instantly went on Amazon and bought stretch-out straps...*

Day 9 [Chief Quarter-Life Crisis Officer Was Born]

Welcome to CQLCO where your crisis was made easier inspired by my own crisis. (Chris Gardner said “If you want something, go get it”, so I promoted myself)

Day 10 [Officially Got Married to Trevor Noah]

May I have the pleasure to introduce you to my South African husband? (Yes, I have a list of husbands and muses who bring out the best in me and are my endless sources of inspiration). I mean we've been dating for a long time since he started hosting The Daily Show, and like any loyal slash caring girlfriend, I've been "investing" so much time in him through watching all the shows he hosted, his journey to becoming a standup comedian, his book, interviews, etc. We've spent so much quality time together since quarantine that I've never for once felt lonely because he's always there to make me laugh. Okay, I'm joking, of course, he is an international sweetheart and I'm generous enough to share my love with everyone too, but seriously I recommend you check out my husband because the man is a genius with a wit. Oh c'mon you cannot judge me, I'm sure you have your quarantine husband/wifey too... spill the tea! ;)

What's on my menu? What's on your menu?

Day 15 [Read. Study. Watch. Listen. Question. Share. Repeat.]

(I guess more like an everyday thing lol) Would you be interested in my recommendations based on what I've learned and read during this time??? (aside from my abovementioned husband, of course) I've thought about sharing this but at the same time, I feel like there are already so many recommendations available on the internet, which actually may make us feel more hesitant to start anything because we're overwhelmed (that's why I always like to keep myself pointed to a list of 3 things at a time). Let me know!

Day 17 [If you can't change your circumstance, change your perspective]

Day 19 [I'll be fine]

You got this. I love you. I'll be fine, you take care of yourself too :)

Day 21 [No Sleep]

Create. Create. Create.

Create to escape. Create to engage. Create to connect. Find your own creative outlet. Sing a song, write a poem, blog, make a music video, paint, draw, decorate, take pictures, invent a new recipe. Create anything out of everything and everything out of anything. Sometimes those sleepless nights are the most genuinely joyous nights you've had.

Still Day 21 [The 21st Day of Quarantine]

If Stephen Covey is right that it takes 21 days to form a habit, does it mean that we all just formed a new habit of social distancing a.k.a. not wanting to resume what used to be called our "social life"? Do people still want to see each other IRL? How is our humanity going to be changed after this?

Day 22 [One Day After the 21st Day Mark]

I mean I've been enjoying JOMO and my personal time, but gosh I still crave physical human touch, all the hugs and kisses, the energy, the places, our in-person connections... So nope, confirming new habits are not formed in 21 days for me.

Day 23 [Who Am I?]

Who am I? What am I doing here? Why do I exist? How are we supposed to feel? How are you feeling? (Yes, you!) How am I feeling all of these intense emotions flushing inside of me? Is John-whom-I-haven't-spoken-to-in-five-years doing ok? How about you, Jennifer-on-the-internet? Hey, random guy across the street, are you feeling well? Does anyone need help? Can I help? How can I help? Can I offer therapy sessions to anyone? Did I just spend the past 24 hours thinking about all of these questions in my mind?

Day 26 [I Friggin' Love My Family...]

...and my friends whom I talk to for hours but still do not feel like hanging up. Thank you, pandemic.

Yes, it is.

Day 37 [Where's The Time?]

*After 17 hours of video calling and talking about God knows what* How come 25 hours a day still feel like not long enough!?!?!

Day 38 [I'm Grateful for You]

Thank you guys for all the heart-warming and soul-enriching comments and messages! I truly hope I can help make your world a little better by sharing my world with you. It's not easy but we will get through this together. I'm looking forward to giving each of you a real tight hug soon in the near future but here's a HUGE virtual one from me for now! <3

Well... that's a recap of my brain over the past 30+ days. What has been going on inside your head these days?

Anyway, I found this ancient TikTok-qualified content in quarantine fashion that I recorded in my dorm room when I was a sophomore in college. Yep, I already started practicing social distancing six years ago. No wonder why I'm a master now...

You may laugh, and you're welcome ;)


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