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Do these to build and sustain a happy relationship // Jeff, Saralyn, & Zip Nguyen

The first time I met Jeff and Saralyn, we were seated next to each other at a charming restaurant in Washington DC. Our initial exchange revolved around the delightfully delicious food, yet unexpectedly, it evolved into an unforgettable experience. With every word we shared, I grew more captivated by their genuine affection and unwavering love, even after 33 years together. Their remarkable ability to nurture such a profound connection left a deep impression on me. I found myself absorbing invaluable lessons from their journey, not only through their words but also their behaviors.

After meeting them, I was deeply touched, inspired, and transformed for the better.

Believing their love and wisdom should be more widely spread, in a spontaneous moment, I asked Jeff and Saralyn if they'd be open to letting me record our ongoing conversation so that I could share their treasured insights with you all.

No formal introduction. No pre-written script. No rehearsed lines.

Just an unfiltered exchange and a natural connection of the souls.

And this is how they grow their love together…


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