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"We also don’t try to fix each other, we grow together."

- I love what you share about how trust is the foundation of marriage by the way. Do you find it hard?

- So I think there are two types of trust: top down and bottom up. Top down is when you trust someone by default until they prove you wrong, versus bottom up is when others have to start proving themselves every day to you in order to slowly earn your trust. I’m in the first category so no, it’s not hard. Now, of course, there are times that I’ve been proven wrong but that’s ok, I find it serves me more than harms me most of the times.

- You’re speaking my language! I’m the same!

- Haha, I can tell!

- That is fascinating. And how do you guys handle your opposite traits? Do you find that you guys are more drawn to each other because of the similarities or the differences?

- That’s another great question. Hmm… I think you need to have enough similarities to make it work for sure. So we share the same values: how we want to build a family together, raise our kids, commitment, etc. But we’re also very different from each other. You know, I think the hallmark of a happy relationship is when two people support each other to grow into their differences. A lot of people after they get into a relationship with each other become one, while the reason why they’re attracted to each other at the beginning is their uniqueness. What I really love and admire about my wife is that she always finds ways to learn how she can become better. We also don’t try to fix each other, we grow together.

- Right, I subscribe to that! So how do you deal when conflict arises?

- Oh, communication is very important. Another thing that I also really appreciate about my wife is that I know she never gossips as in speaking negatively about me with other people. When we have problems, we always communication with each other directly and resolve them together like a team!


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