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"...when what she really should do is just walk away."

- You know, it drives me mad when I hear about stories like that. I just can't wrap my head around why it happens to strong women. Like my old boss at one of my previous companies… she was very strong and smart, but the guy she was with treated her so badly.

- She told you?

- Yeah.

- Hmm… yeah. Unfortunately, it’s more common than you would think… especially with strong women.

- But why though?

- Because she let him. When a woman is so used to working hard to achieve what she wants, she may be attached to the idea that she could also work hard to change a guy as well. But that usually just brings out the worst in both of them. And the more poorly he treats her, the more she thinks she needs to save the relationship by working even harder, when what she really should do is just walk away.


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