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"whom do you think of when you write?"

- I wanted to journal too…

- And what stopped you?

- I think I was worried about whether what I write would be too niche for others…

- So the outcome?

- Yeah, I think so.

- But that wouldn’t be journaling anymore :)

- That’s true…

- Let me show you my notes… You see, I journal a lot. Like . . . A LOT. What I share on social media is probably not even 10% of what I write. But I don’t write worrying about who’s going to like my notes, I write what’s in my mind. Then on a later date when I read my notes again, I choose to share the ones that I sense could be helpful for others as well, at the time that I feel right. Not the other way around.

- I see. I’m curious, though, whom do you think of when you write? Do you have an audience in mind?

- Ha, great question. The word “audience” always sounds so distant to me… so no, I don’t think of an “audience” per se. But I do think of my younger self, my inner child, my future children, the people who are closest to me, people who have come to me for help, people who have shared with me their stories, their struggles, their dreams and fears. I don’t write to please anyone or get attention from the masses, I just want to do the things that I knew was lacking for me when I was younger. That’s also why a post that has one or two likes, even no likes, is just as valuable to me as a post that has gone viral. As long as it helps me, I know it will also help someone else out there who may be able to connect with what I share, and that’s enough.

[From Messenger, a few weeks later...]

- Ah, I started journaling 🥹 thank you for the inspiration

- Aww ♥️🤗 keep it up em! I’m sure many people will be able to relate to what you share so keep being yourself and let it show you the way ♥️


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