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"You can never be too respectful to someone, you know?"

- Are you going to teach me some Spanish slang, too?

- Hmm… no.

- Oops 😂

- When I lived in Canada, I dated a Scottish girl. She taught me to speak proper English, so when I travel anywhere else and speak proper English, people always respect it. It’s better to stick with the standard when it’s not your native language or you might get caught in trouble. You can never be too respectful to someone, you know?

- Such a great point. Thank you, I appreciate that. So are you with anyone now or by yourself?

- Just myself. I’ve been with 13 women in my life!

- 13!? Wow! You mean at different times right?

- Yes yes, of course! Haha

- Just wanted to make sure. Haha. Are you close to your family at least?

- No, my sister and I actually haven’t talked for years because of some conflict after my mom passed away.

- Ahhh, I’m sorry to hear…

- It’s okay. It’s been a long time.

- I’m curious… do you find yourself feeling lonely at times though? If you’re in an emergency situation, whom would you call?

- Nah, I’m good. I have prepared everything for myself… you know, if something bad happens. And I make friends along the way when I travel, like with you!


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