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"You’ll learn if he’s right for you or not."

- I really like him.

- I know. It’s obvious.

- Really? How?

- Because you acted like you didn’t care when he was here. 

- Wow. Yeah, I really like him. Ugh! So do you think he likes me? 

- Well, if he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t come to spend the weekend with you in DC. But it depends on what you want from the relationship. When he said he enjoyed spending time with you but he wasn’t looking for anything serious, he meant it. Just make sure you know what you signed up for. - Otherwise, you’ll end up hurting yourself later if you’re looking for something more, which seems to me like you are… so 👀

- Right, I mean… I’m hoping there is more, but I’m also fine with the way it is because we have a good time.

- Ok! If that’s what you want. Just know that he does mean it when he says he’s not looking for anything serious.

- Ugh! What do you think I should do?

- Just be true to yourself. If he likes who you are, that’s great, you both can still have fun and you will feel good about yourself. It’s much more attractive than trying to be something else when he’s around. If being yourself isn’t what he likes, there’s nothing you can change about it, really, but at least you don’t lose yourself just to get him to like you. You’ll learn if he’s right for you or not.

- That makes sense… Ugh! 🤦‍♂️


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