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BLACK LIVES MATTER THROUGH AN ASIAN EXPAT'S LENS: a conversation on how we deal with fire

I believe that sustainable change comes from thoughtful conversations. Even though actions speak louder than words, in order for us to obtain sustainable change, we need to understand why we have to take action in the first place. I want to keep my vlog raw without any editing because I want to be real that thinking and processing information does take time, and that is OK. The goal is to start thinking critically to take action (not vice versa) to bring sustainable change to the black community and human rights.

I would love to have an open dialog with you on this matter. If my thoughts provoke your thinking, do leave a comment below so I know what you think or like/share this. I commit to donating a dollar for every like/share/comment on this video alone across all my social channels up to $500 from my personal income to Black Lives Matter Global Network until the cap is reached.

If you know of any foundations where I can donate to help drive people to vote in America, please also comment and let me know.

P.S.: Sorry about the background noise from my AC. It was my first time doing a vlog and I'm clearly a noob!


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