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How to be the archer of our lives?

  1. Get ready: I hope you practice preparation first and foremost. Know what you need and set the intention for what you’re going to do. Cut through the noises and tap into your deepest psyche to see your naked soul, for only then will you truly understand yourself, know where you should be heading next, and what direction to take. Don’t underestimate the importance of practicing to master the basics including your posture and the steps to shoot — it’s crucial to establish a strong foundation and make it your second nature if you want to build sustainable success in the long term.

  2. Aim: I hope you overcome the paradox of choice to appreciate options while knowing your target. May your scattered mind find its way to consolidate and return to the present moment. May your restless energy simmer down to stillness while sharpening your focus. May your tender heart not turn cold or harden but become resilient and sturdy. With your fingers on the drawstring and your eyes on the target, raise your bow and hold it out toward exactly where you want your arrow to land. Keep pulling until the bow feels tight, but know which muscles to be activated and which ones to relax. Don’t get distracted by how other people are doing it, they have their own targets and you have yours. Focus.

  3. Release: I hope you give yourself the permission to just do it — holding your bow for too long can cause the arms to feel tired and reduce the likelihood of hitting the target, just like putting off your plan for too long may lead to indefinite procrastination. Intention without action is a seed that has no chance to grow while action without intention is nothing but pure chaos. Progress only happens when you bring the two of them together. Once you shoot the arrow, surrender to what is and learn the art of letting go. May your feet stay firmly on the ground and may your faith prevail no matter the outcome. Watch out for your ego if you succeed; and if you fail, know that you’ve gained more experience for the next time when you do it.

Be the archer — take the active role — remember that you’re not the arrow but the archer of your life.


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