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How to be the CEO of our life?

If you followed my blog last week, you may already know of the steps we should take when it comes to analyzing our lives; but what’s next? How can we use this information to take charge?

Now that we have a better understanding of our objectives as well as a good read of both the collected and uncollected “data,” it’s time to make decisions. I believe that the purpose of analyzing data shouldn't be to tell us what’s the right thing to do, but rather to inform us about what’s going on, what’s trending, and what’s missing. Studying the data is undoubtedly a critical step in evaluating decisions; however, decisions shouldn’t be made solely based on data insights but on the right thing to do.

Knowing the right thing to do doesn’t come from the data, but principles.

Great leadership also requires a sharp intuition — there are times that decisions can’t wait until all data are gathered and analyzed, and there are times that data are falsely analyzed. We don't have to be psychics per se to achieve a refined intuition; however, we do need to persistently educate ourselves on ethics, morality, and virtues to develop a good “gut-feeling” that serves us rather than tricks us because intuition requires tremendous attention and intention. One who makes good decisions based on data insights is an intelligent person, but one who makes good decisions based on intuition is a genius.

In the world of Big Tech and AI that may read us even better than we read ourselves, our true power lies in challenging our old ways of thinking and constantly evolving. Don’t be afraid of change. Instead, be the change, and be a good one.

And that’s how we take charge.


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