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How to make 2022 a lucky year?

Remember 2021?

Yeah, you couldn’t have had a better start. Sarcastically speaking, of course. All your hopes and dreams for the new year were on the brink of collapse just as soon as you thought you were at your best. Nonetheless, you refused to be defeated. Think again. Being a rebel at heart sometimes served you well. You learned to use your breath as your anchor. Your younger self became your teacher. Your life took a turn, but eventually, it took a turn for the better.

2022 comes. You hope it will bring good luck, but what if things go wrong again? Or what if you stop worrying about the 'what ifs' altogether and give it your best shot to turn 'what is' into 'what can be?' Think again. Is it possible to make 2022 a lucky year?

Luck’s dressed up in gratitude, preparation, determination, persistence, hard work, and patience, greeting you every day under the guise of perspective. Optimism is luck’s best friend. Have you noticed that all the stones life’s been throwing at you have helped you become more grounded and build your solid foundation?

All of a sudden, everything clicks. You get it now. You are responsible for your own luck.

Instead of questioning “Why me?” and “Why now?” you ask yourself “How is it going to help me become better?” and “What should I do from today to prepare myself for the right timing?” Think again. You no longer underestimate your ability to see beauty in the little things, feel grateful for any moment, identify opportunities in any situation, and grow under any condition.

Will 2022 be a lucky year? You still don’t know, but you know one thing for sure: Luck is in your hands, and you will do your best to fulfill it.



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