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How to practice self-care?

Written by Sammy Thai

Season 1, Episode 14: How to practice self-care? (from a cancer survivor's perspective) - In conversation with Evgeniya (Jenya) Prokhno and Zip Nguyen

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Self-care is about regular activities that help you relax and enhance your self-respect. If crying helps you release negative energy, then let emotions flow out through your tears. If wearing makeup can energize you, then take the time to do so. If self-care looks more like a candle and wine night for you, then do it. Self-care can always be a part of your daily routine if you slow down and allow yourself to enjoy your day more!

In this episode, Evgeniya (Jenya) Prokhno shares her perspective on self-care as a cancer survivor, she shows us what is self-love and what can you do in a time of crisis when you feel so alone and hopeless. Throughout our time, Jenya also emphasizes the importance of having a strong support system and encourages young women to embrace themselves for who they are, and that everyone is beautiful and unique.

We hope that Jenya's inspiring story will not only give you another perspective to consider for your own self-care journey, but it will also help you learn more about how to take care of your loved ones in their difficult times.

About Evgeniya (Jenya) Prokhno: Jenya immigrated from Russia to the United States where she received a B.A. in International Business with a minor in German language and M.S. Design. After craving an opportunity to work in a creative environment, Evgeniya moved to NYC to work in the fashion industry where she first landed at Ralph Lauren in accessories design and product development and later helped build a successful creative recruitment company. Being surrounded by the top creative talent and recovery from cancer at a young age inspired Evgeniya to follow her passion for natural skincare which led her to become a creative producer at Tata Harper Skincare.


What’s your favorite self-care activity? Do you have any good tips for self-care other than the ones we mentioned? How important is self-care to you? Let us know in the comments below, DM us on @bloomincrisis via Instagram / Facebook or email us at!


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