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"I’ll remember this moment and I really do cherish it."

- We find it so American that people love taking pictures of the food! In France, we just eat and enjoy the food.

- Haha, I can’t say it’s actually an American thing! Asian? Maybe. But personally, I take lots of photos in general, not just food photos.

- Ohhh. That reminds me of my ex-girlfriend in Mexico. She used to always ask me to take pictures of her posing with the food before we could eat.

- See… so I think that’s when it gets a little too much.

- Haha. Well, I can only speak for myself. I do take a lot of food pictures and I’m sure there are tons of them that I don’t even know exist in my photo album. They’re mainly just for my own documentary. And, it’s not just food. They’re my way of treasuring what happens in my life or around the table, like the conversation we’re having. I’ll remember this moment and I really do cherish it :)


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