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"I’m trying to end an abusive relationship now… after 20 years..."

- So, what is Bloom in Crisis?

- You know what, I can’t really explain it. I’ve been through a lot and it’s just my way of living that I know has been really transforming for me, so I’m sharing with others because I think it might help someone else too.

- Interesting that you mentioned it, because I’m going through something right now… I’ll check you out.

- Ah… you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, but I’m here to listen.

- I’m trying to end an abusive relationship now… after 20 years… you know.

- Your marriage?

- Yeah. I thought we could work it out but, unfortunately, it has to come to an end.

- I’m so sorry to hear that. We tend to only hear these stories the other way around…

- Hmm, that’s right. Well, that’s where I am now…

- It must have been so tough for you. Does your wife have dementia?

- No, she’s not like that. But I think she had a very difficult childhood, and growing up with her father probably made her lose trust in all men. Sadly, sometimes it also gets in the way of a good time we have, you know? Anyway, I have to go now. My team is waiting for me and I lead the team. But let’s keep in touch…


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