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"I was depressed for months at the beginning of last year…"

- I was depressed for months at the beginning of last year… You know, I don’t usually drink but during that time, I found myself drinking a lot, so much to the point that one day, I felt like I almost could have died in the bathroom.

- My gosh. What happened?

- I don’t know. My visa stuff wasn’t going smoothly, I wasn’t happy with my job, the war in Ukraine started… it was probably a combination of many things.

- I hear you…

- I didn’t realize how messed up I was until that day—it was a real wake-up call for me. When it happened, I told myself I couldn't continue living like that… I stopped drinking altogether and started meditating every day for two hours. I never gained weight before, but that changed after I got Covid. I was out of shape and didn’t feel my best, so I went back to the gym in my building too.

- That’s good to hear… but you should have asked for help! I get that you live alone and quite far from the city, but at the very least, you need to have someone’s contact in your building to reach out to in case of emergency. You could have let me know, too. Solitude is a good thing—I also enjoy it myself—but isolating and turning yourself into a recluse like that can lead to loneliness and make depression much worse, you know?

- Yeah, I know… thank you. I'll remember that.


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