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"It's just one of the many things I really admire about her."

- You two are clearly still in love after 33 years together! Since I'm a woman, I'm just curious... how do you handle temptations and external attractions to remain committed in your marriage?

- Wow, what a great question! I've never directly asked him that, even though I believe we instinctively understand each other. I'm curious about his answer now. Thank you for asking!

- Haha yes, thank you for asking, especially in front of my wife! That’s a great question indeed. Hmm… I think it all comes down to trust. We trust each other deeply and are both committed so straying is off the table, you know what I mean? I used to have to travel a lot and hang out with a lot of guys because of my business. There’ve been times when some of my male partners were badmouthing their wives, and I found that very distasteful. Wouldn’t want to hang out with them again. Another thing is, we take care of our physical bodies not only for ourselves but also for each other—that’s very important, too. We also add regular date nights on our phone calendars. By the way, there are very few people I've come across in my entire life up to now that are natural learners, and that’s who she is. It's just one of the many things I really admire about her.


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