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Should you “push your boundaries”?

Written by Zip Nguyen's father, Phu Nguyen, author of "Story of the week" (Mỗi tuần một chuyện) series —Translated by Hang Nguyen

Click here to read the original post written in Vietnamese.

The question is, whether defining goals based on the conscience of your "boundaries" and being persistent and consistent in thoughts and behaviors conflict with "pushing your boundaries”? I can confirm with certainty: “No!”

We are witnessing an era of volatility, and seemingly "unprecedented" changes in the world we are living in. And at the same time, we have to preserve to live with an optimistic mindset, expecting that everything will change in the most positive way. It is a wise step to overcome your circumstances, fears, and trauma. Positioning yourself helps you “define your boundaries” - that is, a "threshold" - of your abilities and limits, from which to set appropriate goals you will strive for. But self-positioning is also just a product of subjective perception, which means it might be the case in just some aspects, while life is continuously evolving. Therefore, at some points in your life, maybe you should also try to proactively "push your boundaries". If you succeed, it will be a great exploration of your potential, and a source of encouragement for you to continue striving; otherwise, you can also define your own boundaries for "self-satisfaction", and at least personally acknowledge your own efforts so that you are left with no regrets.

That is life! Picture it like the stars in the universe, in which mysteries always exist. Your mission is to "explore" and "conquer". This means working hard to find and discover your hidden potential. Always actively listen, preserve to strive for the better, and believe in yourself. Stick to a belief that you will be able to generate miracles for yourself, the community, and society!


Do you think you have reached your "boundaries"? Have you tried "pushing your boundaries? If so, what did you learn from it? Please comment below, or don't hesitate to send a message to @bloomincrisis via Instagram/Facebook or email feedback to!


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