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The power of power

My thoughts over the past few days have been centered around the meaning of power.

I shared my perspective on Money & Power on my blog a few weeks ago, but what is power, really though?

Some use it to threaten others, many exercise it for personal gain, everyone uses it to influence the mass.

Power is a double-edged sword. When one is sober, it will become a mighty weapon to help protect themself and fight for others. When one is drunk, it will become lethal to play with as they can easily hurt themself.

Never get drunk on power.

Instead, when we are in the position of power, may we use it to protect the good ethic, stand up for the oppressed, make ordinary people feel seen, normalize having difficult conversations, spread kindness, promote empathy, amplify authenticity, leverage underserved voices, lift others up and bring the mass together.

Changing the world starts with changing ourselves. When we change ourselves, we will be able to change our narrative and inspire others to challenge how stories have always been told. Perhaps power has always lied within every one of us. And perhaps realizing that alone, is purely powerful.


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