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To my twenty-something-year-old Zip

Oh, how I miss writing. The existential crisis of not having enough time is never lost on me. As I had been attempting to publish a new video every week for the past few months, I also came to the realization that I had been having less time to truly sit down and reflect through writing. Do you think time is a zero-sum game? I don’t know, but what I do know is that there won’t be another weekend when I’ll still be in my twenties. So, this week, I want to change it up and write for myself.

To my twenty-something-year-old Zip,

I know you've asked fortune tellers many times about your future, so I’ll tell you what will happen in the remainder of your twenties to save you some time:

  • Keep working hard and don't give up on yourself—you'll find a job that will sponsor you in the US.

  • Yes, you will beat the odds and get your H1-b visa.

  • But be aware, there will come a peak where you’ll also hit rock bottom.

  • You’ll feel depressed for a few years, and while you won’t share it with anyone, your pain will become your strongest engine to fuel your growth.

  • None of your relationships in your twenties will work out, and you definitely won’t end up getting married or having kids before 30 (I’m sorry but it’s for the better, stay with me here).

  • Your love life is challenging, but you’ll eventually understand that it happens for you to become better.

  • There'll be a period in your late twenties when you’ll be in lockdown all by yourself, but that’s also when you’ll discover radical self-love and acceptance.

  • You’ll eventually meet your truest self, and she’s much better than what you wish you were.

  • You’ll almost die, but don’t freak out—you’ll survive.

  • You’ll be rejected a lot, but you’ll overcome all kinds of rejections.

  • You’ll fail a lot, but you’ll bounce back from all your failures.

  • You’ll be able to stand on your own two feet.

  • You’ll build yourself again.

  • You’ll write again.

  • You’ll create again.

  • You’ll learn to use your voice again, both literally and metaphorically.

  • You’ll learn about other parts of you that you’ve never thought existed.

  • You’ll be able to do a few things that you’ve never thought you’d be capable of.

  • You’ll unlock some milestones that you’ve never imagined.

  • You’ll meet some really amazing people who will have a great influence on you and bring out the best in you.

  • And you’ll also be able to do the same thing for others.

But perhaps most surprisingly, you’ll pass the biggest test of all during your quarter-life crisis:

To reach the state of “feeling enough.”

You’ll feel proud of yourself enough to know your worth.

Understanding yourself enough to walk the path that’s meant to be for you.

Believe in yourself enough to trust your own timing.

Secure enough to know you don’t have to prove who you are to anyone else.

Balanced enough to know all the opposing traits within you don’t have to fight with each other—they can coexist.

Humble enough to unlearn what you think you already knew.

Strong enough to be vulnerable.

Vulnerable enough to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Grounded enough to return to yourself when you feel lost.

Open enough to ask others for help.

Resilient enough to always move on.

Confident enough to know that no matter what happens, you’ll be okay.

Spiritually abundant enough to live freely.

Free enough to do what you want to do without concerning yourself with whether anyone else likes it.

Brave enough to do what you think is right even if it can be hard at times.

Happy enough to love yourself unconditionally.

Love yourself enough to let go.

Healed enough to know that you can love again.

And loved enough to share more love with others.

Being you is enough.

You’ll learn that you are enough, you have enough, and you feel enough.

But you’ll also feel hungry enough to keep on grinding, thirsty enough to continue learning, and restless enough to keep pushing yourself to become better.

You won't have any regrets.

Fast forward to where we meet right now—look at you—feeling ready enough to enter a new decade in your personal journey. Ready to face new challenges. Ready to transform. Ready to give. Ready to receive.

Embrace the unknown, because life is more fun that way ;)

From your almost-thirty-something-year-old Zip,

with so much love



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