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What is the definition of “gain” and “loss”?

Written by Zip Nguyen's father, Phu Nguyen, author of "Story of the week" (Mỗi tuần một chuyện) series —Translated by Hang Nguyen

Click here to read the original post written in Vietnamese.

Usually, succeeding in something is considered a “gain", and failure to achieve it is seen as a "loss"! However, if you look closer you will see that between "success" and "failure", or "gain" and "lose", there exists a dialectical relationship, which is the premise leading to the result of the other.

When a toddler learns to walk, she trips, falls, and experiences pain during his first steps (failure-loss). That is the very first “price” she has to pay for the school of life, helping her to observe, pay attention, and then carefully take steady steps, which creates the momentum for running steps later on (success - gain).

The same goes for when we grow up and enter life. During the process of growing up, studying, and building your own career and family, there is nothing that you don't have to pay to “gain”. Here I need you to approach it from the most positive perspective: There is actually no room for "loss" in this world! We should think of what people consider “loss” as the different large and small fees to be paid for your lessons, which will lead to the corresponding success (gain). Because our success is the result of learning from failures and striving seriously and continuously.

There is a saying "Failure is the mother of success". Your small "loss" to have a lesson that leads to a big "gain" later is necessary and very worthwhile. Try to have this mindset and see if your perspective towards events in life as well as their consequences gradually changes in a more positive direction!


Do you find yourself "gaining" or "losing"? In the "loss", what is the lesson you have gained for yourself? And, do you find yourself "gaining" more than "losing"? Please comment below, or don't hesitate to send a message to @bloomincrisis via Instagram/Facebook or email feedback to!


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