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"When I arrived in the US in 2014, I only had $5,000 with me."

- Have I ever told you why I could come to America?

- I don’t think so, but I’m listening.

- My family is actually very poor. When I arrived in the US in 2014, I only had $5,000 with me. I was able to come here for grad school because I had sponsors…

- Ohh… I definitely haven’t heard about this before. How did you find them? And if you only had $5,000 when you came here, I’m assuming they must have provided proof of financial support on your family’s behalf?

- Yeah. They’re a couple in their 80s and used to do business with my dad. In the old days, my dad had a very successful business but there was a significant mishap and he lost all the money. When people asked me what my dad did, I just said he was a banker, but what I didn’t share is that he lived paycheck by paycheck. Thankfully, the couple wanted to help my family and they believed in me so they offered me the opportunity to study in the US. They also offered to pay for my tuition and living expenses during my school years which was why I could come here.

- Wow. That’s a miracle!

- I know, I feel very lucky. But that’s also why I really don’t want to go back to my country. Almost everyone there would escape if they could. I’m not close to my family, and my mom hasn’t spoken to me in years. I have nothing there and nowhere to go.

- Fingers crossed the green card application with your employer will go through successfully. Do you still keep in touch with your sponsors? I’m sure they’re very proud of you!

- I do. They invite me to their house for Thanksgiving every year. You know, they never even asked my family to pay them back or expected anything in return… I’m very thankful for them, I consider them like my grandparents.


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