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Where do the pressures and trauma in life come from?

Written by Zip Nguyen's father, Phu Nguyen, author of "Story of the week" (Mỗi tuần một chuyện) series —Translated by Hang Nguyen

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When I talk to young people, especially those aged 20+, I share with them a lot about the pressures and trauma they face in life. How can we overcome these problems? To answer this question, we need to shed light on the root causes of stress and trauma.

Everyone has a "youth", and me too! But our "young days" were very simple. Think about it, living in a society where everything was subsidized by the State, even education: High school education was free; vocational training, intermediate schools, colleges, universities, and even going abroad to study abroad were free. Furthermore, after graduation, we were assigned a job by the State. Healthcare was also free. That's it - living in such a society, what did we have to be worried about? Pressures and trauma, if existed, just came from constant hunger or a devastating war that never ended.

Today it is different: We live in a peaceful world – and most of the time, we do not have to be worried about ravenous hunger like in the old days. This is a blessing in life that we need to appreciate. However, you are facing great pressures from the market mechanism: That is, the increasingly widening gap between rich and poor in society; the pressure to afford tuition fees and to get a job after college; the extremely fierce competition in all aspects of social life; not to mention the impact of the global whirlwind on the 4.0 revolution in the era of artificial intelligence and digitization. All of these will put pressure on you and sometimes you will feel stuck, and tired, leading to obsession in life that you have to try to overcome.

Let's find out the answer to this "dilemma" in next week’s article.


Are you feeling pressured in life? What is traumatizing you or making you feel pressured? Have you told your loved ones about this? Please comment below, or don't hesitate to send a message to @bloomincrisis via Instagram/Facebook or email your feedback to!


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