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"...with H1-B visas, we only have a 60-day grace period..."

- When Covid happened, I was one of the first to be laid off, which was very tough as you can imagine. I'm glad that you're sharing your job search journey story publicly because I believe it will help many people in this difficult time.

- I hope so. You’ve been there too. Look at everything you’ve been through!

- Yeah. Thankfully, one of my American friends helped me out and connected me with the hiring team at his company so it worked out. You know, with H1-B visas, we only have a 60-day grace period, otherwise we risk being barred from reentering the US.

- Right. So when did you get the job offer?

- Just a few weeks before my grace period was up.

- Wow, thank goodness. Are you happy at your current company?

- Not really. You know how companies like to take advantage of people who are on H1-B, right?

- Mmm hmm… yep.

- I was able to save my company $2 million dollars by automating all of their processes, but they didn’t give me a raise or anything so that sucks. On the other hand, I know that many people would love to be in our position now and I'm paid three times more than I was at my previous job, so I'm grateful for the opportunity. Plus, I have other sources of income from trading…

- Yeah I know, but that doesn’t make it right. Just because they sponsor your visa and you have passive income from other sources, it doesn't give the company the right to take advantage of you.

- Exactly. If I can offer any advice, it's to maintain good relationships with people that you work with even after they've left the company. My old boss heard about my situation and she’s been telling me that once I have my green card which I'm in the process of obtaining now, she will bring me over to her company and promises that I won't have to worry about compensation at all because she knows me and what I can bring to the table.

- That’s fantastic news to look forward to! Keep hold of that, you're almost there!

- Yeah I hope so. It's incredibly encouraging to have someone who understands the struggle and is willing to help. My old boss is a Black woman and an immigrant too. She arrived here with nothing 20 years ago, and I look up to her a lot.


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