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Women are like water

Women are like Water.

Some of us look like a glass of milk, a cup of tea, or a mug of coffee. Some glasses are bigger, some cups are smaller, and mugs vary in sizes too. None of these change the fact that we all consist of water.

We are all essential. You can’t live without water, just as the world can’t function without our existence.

We can be still and hydrate you quietly, but can also be sparkling and challenge your conventional definition of water. Whether you realize it or not, we nurture your well-being and keep you going.

We turn hot when we are heated, and turn cold when we are frozen. You can’t tell us to chill if the condition that we are in doesn’t make sense. If you want some chill water, keep us cool by treating us well.

You may think that we can always go with the flow under any circumstances, but don’t mistake it for what we are ‘supposed’ to be. We are fluid by nature, but we turn solid when we have to protect ourselves in hazardous environments.

We exist in myriad shapes and forms when we are in love. But when we are done, we evaporate into thin air.

We can be calm like a river, but when you bring a tornado, we can also drown the entire village.

We can be bubbly like the sea, but when you feel down, our tides can also sweep away your stress and sorrow.

We can be aggressive like the ocean, but when you are sincere and make an effort to look beyond our surface, you can be invited to a secret magical world that few have the courage to discover.

Women are like Water. Before you judge a woman, make an effort to understand what condition she is in. Treat her ill, and you will only see her rough side. Treat her well, and you will be rewarded with her greatness.

Breonna Taylor was water like us, too. She was a warm mug of coffee that brought so much joy to the lives of people whom she touched. It’s been 143 days since Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankinson, and Myles Cosgrove killed her but they are still not arrested. Stop criticizing Black women for being too difficult, too tough, or too loud when justice still doesn’t stand on their side.

Don’t try to condition us; instead, why don't you work on improving our condition?

(This post is inspired by my everyday walk to the river in my neighborhood simply to contemplate her natural beauty x)


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