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3 practical ways to set boundaries in relationships // Phuonggy Pham & Zip Nguyen

Setting boundaries has always been a challenge for me, and it's something I've grappled with throughout my life. In many Asian cultures, the concept of boundaries isn't frequently discussed since the emphasis often lies on being group-oriented and prioritizing others' needs over our own. Sacrificing for the greater good is deeply ingrained in our upbringing.

In this episode, I'm happy to have my dear friend and sister, Phuonggy Pham, join me as we discuss this topic. Memorizing how to set boundaries isn't something that will ever come naturally to me, so here are the techniques that I apply in my life to help me with this. If you're also struggling with setting boundaries, particularly in relationships, we hope our conversation can offer some guidance and add value to your life as well x

Here's the link to the podcast episode in which Phuonggy also interviewed me on her podcast, "Dear Future Daughters" (Episode 2: You All Have a Voice) if you want to give it a listen!


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